Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

We have launched our bulk SMS platform “ www.mybulksms.co.ke ”; an SMS communications system that provides transnational, marketing and sessional messages to a cross section of clients from large users of up-to 20,000 – 30,000 messages an hour to SME’s – small and medium enterprise users. Jeston Technologies main mission is to build and innovate software solutions to make modern life smart and simple for all.


Jeston Technologies is licensed by CCK and through strategic partnerships has direct connectivity to all mobile operators enabling you to communicate with your target audience across Kenya and beyond direct to their mobile phones via SMS. Text open rates are high unlike emails, in terms of investments texts are low cost and have a high return on investment.

My Bulk SMS is an easy to use web-based platform accessible via URL: www.mybulksms.co.ke

Our platform is built to meet key functionalities not limited to :

QUICK & BULK SMS: You can choose to send a quick or bulk sms to contacts of your choosing really fast.
INBOX: Receive SMS from your target group, multi-reply these messages and also assign the messages to users for actioning.
REPORTS: Have access to a wide array of reports so you are always in the know.
PHONEBOOK: Manage all your contacts easily in one central location. You can choose to upload your contacts in batch or single mode.
MULTI - USER SUPPORT: Easily create and manage users who will have access to the same account.
SMS TEMPLATES: Create and manage multiple SMS templates to be re-used every time you want to send a message.
SMS SCHEDULING: Has scheduling options (you can schedule maybe to send messages weekly, monthly, daily)
BULK SMS EXPIRY: Our SMS do not come with expiry periods. We allow our customers the freedom to utilize their SMS at their own pace.
SMS PORTAL: We shall provide you with a customizable SMS portal that you can use to send and receive SMS ( http://sms.mybulksms.co.ke/ )
CUSTOMIZED SENDER ID: Customized alphanumeric sender ID that makes you visible to the recipients.eg. If your brandname name is JESTON you get to send SMSs to many people using the ID “JESTON”
PUSH & PULL SMS API: We shall provide you with our API that will enable you to plugin our SMS solution to your own systems / applications. The API can be used on your website or application to send and receive messages. We do not charge for the API.

Bulk SMS will give maximum utility for all those brief messages you want to circulate to the stake holders in your organization (business, community/groups, public sector) environment.

Community/ Groups (sports clubs, charities, community groups, religious groups).
Bulk SMS is low cost and reaches its recipients instantly and effectively. It enables to send tickets, alerts and cancellations of events and fixtures.

Public sector (schools, colleges, universities).
Bulk SMS can be used to send appointment reminders, updates and educational content. It is an easy means to inform parents and students of school closures, or even hospital appointments. It helps to improve communication and streamline services.

Bulk SMS will work for all businesses; small, medium and large businesses. Its cost effective and improves on customer loyalty by sending delivery notifications, surveys and even personalized vouchers. Bulk SMS can also be used for personalized and targeted marketing.

Contact us today to get your personal or company account.

Visit our link: sms.mybulksms.co.ke to access your portal.

Then use your USERNAME & PASSWORD to login to your account.

You can load SMS Units Via our company Till Number 219442 that is available on the portal

This is a two-way messaging system that allows interaction between organizations and recipients by using key words and easy to remember five-digit codes.

No doubt you will have seen these on TV and competitions asking you to text a simple word to a 5-digit number. Short numbers are usually used with keywords and are an easy way for a customer to contact your business as they are easy to remember.

Short codes are a low-cost way to grow your contact list. Once a customer has texted in, our online platform will store their number and you can continue to contact them with relevant information in the future.

How will you utilize Short codes in your industry?
a) The service will enable your organization to conduct and collect data on public polls and surveys
b) Short codes are a useful tool for running subscription content like games, music, quotes etc.
c) Short codes can be used to collect institution database that will come in handy for future communication purposes
d) Short codes can be used to encourage any kind of inbound action or request. For example: “text Biz to 20902 to receive our latest business trips”. You can set auto-responses to these inbound messages and send more information, such as attachments, links

How do you start?
Write to us at: support@mybulksms.co.ke and we will make it happen.

A sender ID is an Alphanumeric brand name ” JESTON ” that is not more than 11 characters long. A company will be charged a onetime set-up fee to facilitate procuring of Alphanumeric sender ID from mobile operators.

Once sender ID is secured, we shall help in configuring and delivery of an easy to use web based messaging interface.

No monthly charge will be applicable once the sender ID is procured.

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