Marketing Tunes

“ Skiza Marketing Tunes is a professional way of marketing your products and services to clients and potential customers through call back tunes.

The Tunes are scripted and voiced by professional artists in line with your requirements to ensure full value for your money ”. This  has been  made possible  through  a partnership between  Safaricom Ltd and Jeston Technologies.

With the technological advancement, you can now enjoy the convenience of choosing a professional business tune in line with the company and what you do. You need not miss an opportunity to promote your business with your own customized business caller tunes thereby telephonically marketing your quality products and services with every incoming call.


Below you can play sample skiza tunes.

The maximum playback time of the skiza tune is limited to 30 seconds.

• You can choose to write your script on your own or we offer to formulate the script for you. All you need to do is to submit your company profile and our script writer will extract main details and develop the concise version of 30 seconds from the same.
• We provide a number of options in terms of slow and fast rate of speech as per your requirement. The final composition will be sent to you via email, mobile phone or our representative may personally deliver it at your home or office premises.
• After voice selection, you get to choose a suitable music background from across a range of different styles of jingles to your satisfaction. We will provide variants for you to choose from.
• Upon the customer approval, we shall set up the skiza tune in one of your preferred Safaricom mobile number within 48 hours.

• Affordable way to inform on your product and company.
• Drastically saves costs as compared to other forms of advertising like outdoor advertising.
• Provides borderless reach to clients form global regions, demographics and backgrounds.
• Ability to generate and qualify interest in new products from existing and new customers.